bisalloy clamp bars

Available to suit IFIT and John Deere drums (including CH570). Made with 3/4" UNF threads for increased clamping force.

drum reconditioning and modifications

We modify existing drums to provide similar cutting geometry to our new drums for improved cutting and add gusseting for extra strength.

Chopper drum


Cane sample

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external chopper adjusters

Evolved from tried and tested ideas, the IFIT chopper adjusters allow operators to fine tune the timing of their chopper gears quickly and easily.  In doing this, cut quality can be maintained as the blades wear. This gives the operator greater potential for better machine performance.  Made to suit Toft/Case and John Deere harvesters.

chopper drums

Created with strength and productivity in mind, IFIT drums are designed to cut straighter, cleaner, and perform at a much higher level.  With years of research and development (both in shop and in-field), along with knowledge gained from the manufacturing and resharpening of chopper blades, we have come up with what we consider the most optimal design. Our open throat design allows for the free flow of cane with minimal interference.  The geometry is set up in such a way to ensure a long clean swipe across the blade face, helping to cut both cane and trash for long periods. When coupled with our timing adjusters,  an effective cutting action can be achieved for even longer. 

-Clean efficient cutting with minimal losses.

-Australian made Bisalloy steel blade seats
-Use 95mm blades.
-Heavy duty.
-Not prone to crossing over.
-Proven conventional clamping. (Bisalloy clamp bars optional).
-Good blade life.
-Thrower mounting bars standard on 4, 6 and 8 blade drums. (Optional on 10 blade).
-Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 blade, 15” and 12” to suit Case and John Deere harvesters.
-Very competitively priced.